Meditation Mindfulness Courses

There’s a certain power in Meditation Mindfulness Courses.  Do you sometimes seem like you are chained up in a cage? Or seem like you are inside prison walls? If so, why do you believe that is?

Is it possible that you are not being entirely true to yourself? That you are living a lie? Simply puts, could it be that you are not living who you “actually” are? Not doing what makes you pleased or what makes you at peace with yourself? Listen …

Listen carefully to the answer you get from within. It’s what we talk about at our meditation mindfulness courses.  Do you hear a voice saying yes? Then you understand something’s wrong.

Now, the concern is … When are you going to begin paying closer focus on that voice? That part of you that’s crying out for help? That part of you that’s constantly asking to be set free? And, more importantly, when are you going to start finding a solution for

When are you going to begin doing exactly what you enjoy? Exactly what makes you feel whole?

“This above all: to thine own self hold true.”

The reality is, you can begin now, today, just by deciding. Making the choice to attend meditation mindfulness courses is a beginning.  You do not need anyone’s consent, other than your very own. You can begin doing and living what makes your heart sing.

I’m sure you can remember sometimes when you felt intense delight … when you felt complete. When things simply felt right … really. When deep down inside you, a part of you said something like: “Yes, this is what I love. This is what I am indicated to do.” Well, there’s no reason that you cannot have that feeling all the time.

You do not have to stay chained up or to continue living a lie. You don’t need to allow society or others to determine the way you must live, the kind of work you must pursue, the types of activities you should offer top priority to, and so on.

No, you don’t have to remain defenseless inside that cage … inside those jail walls. You can decide, here and now, to break free.

You can choose to live life to the max – starting today. Remember, it’s “your” life. We like to remind you of that at Newcastle Life Coaching.  And you don’t have to provide power to anyone (or anything) over it.

Although others might be well-intentioned when they try to discourage you from pursuing exactly what you love– believing they understand what’s finest for you– it is “you” and not them who will end up either happy or miserable, in the short-term and in the long-term.

I imply, just imagine what it would be like, if one day, in the future, you recalled and couldn’t help but state, “I wish I had actually lived my life differently, pursued exactly what I truly love … I want I didn’t enable others to dictate the course of my life. ‘Cause then I wouldn’t be so unpleasant today.”  It’s what happens after you attend Newcastle mindfulness courses.

You decide how you need to live your life – obviously, always ensuring that your motives and actions remain in line with exactly what pleases God.

Live life to the fullest. Do whatever makes your heart sing … whatever makes you at peace with yourself.

Do it now … while there’s still time.